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Definition of Queer – SheKnows

Welcome to Higher Intercourse With Dr. Lexx, a month-to-month column the place intercourse therapist, educator and guide Dr. Lexx Brown-James shares experience, recommendation and knowledge about intercourse, relationships and extra. Approaching schooling about intercourse as a life-long endeavor — “from womb to tomb” — Dr. Lexx (AKA The #CouplesClinician) is your information to the shame-free, medically correct, inclusive and complete conversations for you, your associate and your complete household. 

Nicely, Satisfaction Month is coming to an in depth, and so is that this column. I wouldn’t be Dr. Lexx if I didn’t go away you with somewhat little bit of schooling from a sex-positive and shame-free perspective.

On the finish of Satisfaction Month, there are nonetheless over 400 items of laws which might be anti-LGBTQIA and looking for to criminalize and take away the rights of a marginalized group of individuals. These payments are sometimes steeped in fearmongering rhetoric, typically rooted in non secular beliefs. Regardless of the very fact that there’s a authorized mandate concerning the separation of state and church within the U.S., fixed arguments condemning the existence of queer individuals are deeply rooted and supported by use of biblical passages and perceived Christian-based worth methods. And there’s a value for queer individuals. 

Queer individuals are 9 occasions extra prone to be the victims of violent hate crimes.   We additionally know now that it’s not simply violent assaults from others that pose a major threat to queer individuals. In 2021, 45 p.c of queer youth skilled suicidal ideation, whereas 1 in 5 trans and nonbinary youth really tried suicide, which is scary.  

As many in our nation’s governing our bodies attempt to actively erase, deter, and withhold gender-affirming care, invalidate the existence of queer individuals’s existence, and demonize queer individuals as ‘groomers’ of kids, there appears to be a transparent alternative in ignoring precisely what queer really means. 

What’s the definition of queer? As a reclaimed time period, “queer” is now an umbrella time period that covers quite a lot of identities together with, however not restricted to lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, intersex, pansexual (which is what the ‘P’ stands for), asexual, questioning, and nonbinary. 

Listed here are the definitions of these phrases as outlined by the Human Rights Marketing campaign: 

  • Queer: A time period individuals typically use to precise a spectrum of identities and orientations which might be counter to the mainstream. Queer is commonly used as a catch-all to incorporate many individuals, together with those that don’t establish as completely straight and/or people who’ve non-binary or gender-expansive identities. This time period was beforehand used as a slur, however has been reclaimed by many elements of the LGBTQ+ motion.
  • Lesbian: A lady who’s emotionally, romantically or sexually interested in different ladies and non-binary individuals could use this time period to explain themselves.
  • Bisexual: An individual emotionally, romantically or sexually interested in multiple gender, although not essentially concurrently, in the identical means, or to the identical diploma. Typically used interchangeably with pansexual.
  • Transgender: An umbrella time period for individuals whose gender identification and/or expression is completely different from cultural expectations primarily based on the intercourse they had been assigned at delivery. Being transgender doesn’t suggest any particular sexual orientation. Due to this fact, transgender individuals could establish as straight, homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and many others.
  • Non-binary: An adjective describing an individual who doesn’t establish completely as a person or a girl. Non-binary individuals could establish as being each a person and a girl, someplace in between, or as falling utterly exterior these classes. Whereas many additionally establish as transgender, not all non-binary individuals do. Non-binary can be used as an umbrella time period encompassing identities similar to agender, bigender, genderqueer or gender-fluid.
  • Pansexual: Describes somebody who has the potential for emotional, romantic or sexual attraction to individuals of any gender although not essentially concurrently, in the identical means, or to the identical diploma. Typically used interchangeably with bisexual.
  • Asexual: Usually referred to as “ace” for brief, asexual refers to a whole or partial lack of sexual attraction or lack of curiosity in sexual exercise with others. Asexuality exists on a spectrum, and asexual individuals could expertise no, little or conditional sexual attraction.
  • Questioning: A time period used to explain people who find themselves within the strategy of exploring their sexual orientation or gender identification.
  • Intersex: Intersex individuals are born with quite a lot of variations of their intercourse traits and reproductive anatomy. There’s all kinds of distinction amongst intersex variations, together with variations in genitalia, chromosomes, gonads, inner intercourse organs, hormone manufacturing, hormone response, and/or secondary intercourse traits.

Utilizing “queer” as an umbrella time period creates a safer place of neighborhood, the place others would possibly be capable to discover a place, individuals, and truly really feel a way of belonging. Being a part of the queer neighborhood is usually a place the place we are able to see ourselves glad and present in peace, whereas being well-loved, each platonically and romantically. And most of all, belonging within the queer household, which is usually a chosen household as an alternative of a organic household, means being protected from violence and hate.  

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Messages about “good marriages,” “glad households,” “constructive mother and father,” and extra are on a relentless loop throughout the American media. Queer individuals get these messages too; nevertheless, we’re hardly ever proven what success seems to be like in queer relationships and household relationships. Although it might really feel like queerness is displaying up in every thing and all over the place, particularly throughout Satisfaction celebration month, queerness exists in lower than 10% of prime time tv. That implies that over 90% of prime time tv represents cisgender, heterosexual individuals. How many individuals don’t really get to see themselves then? 

So, to finish, queer is a time period of inclusivity and never exclusivity. There are queer cisgender, transgender, and nonbinary individuals on the earth. There are individuals who’re queer (maybe they haven’t figured it out themselves but) and folks you will have but to satisfy. Queerness is an invite to discover who you might be and, should you really feel snug, to share who you might be with others. Will you be somebody queer individuals in your life can share their queerness with?

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