8 Meaningful Ways to Show Your Spouse You Are Thankful for Them

8 Meaningful Ways to Show Your Spouse You Are Thankful for Them

As we gather with family and friends and exchange those simply sweet sentiments, opening up our hearts to gratitude, my question to you is this: how often do you share your thankful heart with your spouse? Better yet, should we lay it on extra thick around a holiday that invites us to be ever so thankful? My answer: Yes! Of course, we should. Because why not!?!

While we should show our spouse we are thankful for them year round, it’s ever so easy to fall into “marriage ruts” or staleness, which is why the season of thanksgiving provides a great time to get back on track! The truth is, we sometimes forget that marriage is the most sacred union that any two individuals can share. It’s the only one in which we take a vow, pledge our love before many witnesses, and make a covenant with God, declaring, “I do plan to honor, love, and cherish this person.”

So, showing gratitude to our other half should come naturally, easily, and be effortless, right? Wrong! Knowing it is one thing, doing and showing it is entirely different. That’s because real and raw emotions get involved. We can probably all agree that it’s easy to be thankful when our spouse is making us feel honored, cherished, and loved. But what about when they don’t?

Maybe the thought of all this sounds daunting, or it resurfaces a wound, stirring up a bit of bitterness. Maybe showing appreciation doesn’t seem to come so naturally, or you feel you do enough already. Well, then, this may give you a great time to pause and reflect on your union. As we draw into a time of year that begs us to give thanks, are there ways you can show your spouse you are thankful for them? Not only that, but can you do so selflessly, going above and beyond without seeking anything in return?

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or a big fuss; it’s often the simple and sweet gestures that we give that begin to build up intimacy in our marriages. It also bends way for us to shift our focus to the beauty God has created in marriage, giving thanks to Him.

Now, let’s get into it. Below are a few simply sweet ways you can touch the heart of your spouse and let them know just how very thankful you are that they are in your life!

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